Intro Time!

Well, hello there! 
Reason for this blog? I called my husband a couple hours ago at work. I said “Honey. I’ve made a decision.” His first question was “How much will it cost me?” (Really, honey? I’m kind of hurt.) My reply: “I think we should find a spot of land that nobody owns and go build a tree house on it! Waaaaay out in the woods. Lets do it. We need to. We have to do something different!”

There was a pause.

Then, “Um…. are you regressing?”

So, I apologized and just mentioned that I had thought it was a good idea.

He replied, “It is a good idea! I love it, but there aren’t any spots of land that nobody owns. (Manda speaking here – Is that really true? If so, I think that’s horrible.) I think you need to go get a notebook and write all these ideas of yours down.”

So, because I don’t feel like BUYING a notebook (which would totally be a waste of tree!) I decided to start a blog. Heaven knows people probably get super sick of reading my crazy thoughts and rants on facebook, so… I’ll just write them all here.

Here are my crazy thoughts, and ideas for today.
1. A treehouse, out in the middle of the woods. Cheap, quiet, beautiful, and most of all FREAKING FUN!!!
2. Unschooling. Just trying to figure out the best way to make it work for Princess Snarf Popper.
3. Little King of the WooHoo’s upcoming surgery. I know that without it, he will probably continue to have an extremely hard time growing, but what if the surgeon messes up?!?!?!?! What if they give him too much anesthesia?!?!?!! Seriously. This shit keeps me up at night.
4. Diet. Not like an “Ooooh, I’m soooo fat” diet – tho… I am soooo fat. But more… veggies, fruits, etc, and more natural vit. D. Can only be good.
5. Play Dough! In 7 minutes and 37 seconds I will be shutting off this computer and making some play dough with the kiddos.
6. Cleaning. Mainly, we need to get rid of stuff. SERIOUSLY. Too much STUFF up in here.

So, there ya go.
Later taters. 


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