What Would You Do?

Last night we went grocery shopping – which I love. Seriously. It’s my favorite part of the week. Planning out the weeks worth of meals, and then putting together the grocery list and then doing the actual shopping. Anyway, not the point.

I was in the produce section with Princess Snarf Popper and ran into my husband (he tends to take King of the WooHoo’s and do his own thing, just meandering around the groceries.) and his mother, who were talking. While they were talking I noticed he had some lottery tickets. My husband is NOT the kind of guy to just throw $20 out of a moving car, so I asked him about it later. He answered “It’s half a billion dollars. How can I NOT play?” Touche. Unfortunately that has got me dreaming about what we would do with HALF A BILLION dollars!

We’d buy a house. At least 4 bedrooms. One for me and the kiddos, one for the husband (don’t judge – he gets up at 3 am, so he wants a good night of sleep and also doesn’t want to keep us awake with his early morning stuff!) one for Princess Snarf Popper to eventually sleep in and one for a playroom. A HUGE, kitchen, with a walk-in pantry. A little shop for the husband. A little craft room for me. A barn. (For animals, duuuuuh.) Plenty of land. We’d make a kick ass play area for the kids! We’d buy a car with plenty of leg room, that doesn’t have a slipping transmission. Hell, we’d buy two… or three cars! We would pay off all bills, try to get custody of the Red Headed Wonder Child. And really… I can’t think of any more that we would do. I wonder if that would use up all of the half a billion. What would you do?

OH! Wait! I would ALSO go get King of the WooHoo’s surgery done in New York. And I’d start a charity. Tho, I don’t exactly know what for. But I would think of something. 


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