Catch Up

Yes. It’s been a month and a half since my last post. Life?

King of the WooHoo’s is finally eating food. And doing insanely well with it. I’m excited for the beginning of June to find out how much weight he has gained. 3 weeks after his surgery he had gained 8 oz and grown an entire inch. All in three weeks. His development is taking off like crazy as well. He’s beginning to sign more, and to use more sounds. He’s also begun to take a few steps. We are still nursing, and quite a bit. At least 8 times a day!

Princess Snarf Popper. She has decided and made known in NO uncertain terms that she does not want to be home schooled next year. Yeah, my heart did break a little, but she is such a social little bunny it wouldn’t be fair to force her to do this. So, my new plan – try medication to see if it will help her learn. She’s such a smart little princess, but she is completely unable to concentrate, and that makes it hard for her to actually learn anything. I’ll be setting up a meeting with the guidance counselor and basically laying it on the line. What I think the princess needs and deserves. 

Well, my birthday isn’t for another two weeks but as an early birthday gift the hubby bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tab2. And downloaded a bunch of books, one series being The Hunger Games. I always try not to get into stuff that everybody is talking about and wait until the hoopla has died down, but… yeah. I really like this book. I’m only on chapter 19 in the first book, but… lovink it.

Well, off to read for a bit and then I’m going to head off to join Princess Snarf Popper on her Hike Through History. 


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