Catch Up

Yes. It’s been a month and a half since my last post. Life?

King of the WooHoo’s is finally eating food. And doing insanely well with it. I’m excited for the beginning of June to find out how much weight he has gained. 3 weeks after his surgery he had gained 8 oz and grown an entire inch. All in three weeks. His development is taking off like crazy as well. He’s beginning to sign more, and to use more sounds. He’s also begun to take a few steps. We are still nursing, and quite a bit. At least 8 times a day!

Princess Snarf Popper. She has decided and made known in NO uncertain terms that she does not want to be home schooled next year. Yeah, my heart did break a little, but she is such a social little bunny it wouldn’t be fair to force her to do this. So, my new plan – try medication to see if it will help her learn. She’s such a smart little princess, but she is completely unable to concentrate, and that makes it hard for her to actually learn anything. I’ll be setting up a meeting with the guidance counselor and basically laying it on the line. What I think the princess needs and deserves. 

Well, my birthday isn’t for another two weeks but as an early birthday gift the hubby bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tab2. And downloaded a bunch of books, one series being The Hunger Games. I always try not to get into stuff that everybody is talking about and wait until the hoopla has died down, but… yeah. I really like this book. I’m only on chapter 19 in the first book, but… lovink it.

Well, off to read for a bit and then I’m going to head off to join Princess Snarf Popper on her Hike Through History. 



We had King of The WooHoo’s surgery on Tuesday. It went really well, tho I do have to admit I teared up a bit as they put him to sleep, took him out of my arms and put him on the table. I really didn’t want to let him go, and they had to tell me a few times that they needed to take him, and put him on the table. Not because I was refusing, but because it really wasn’t clicking… if that makes any sense. But, yes. Surgery went well, and his latch is amazing. Like 1,000x better. So, yay for that. He has been having a hard time with sleeping since the surgery, and I’m not really sure why that is. He started speech/swallowing therapy the next day and that went very well. His therapist (an awesome dirty hippie) requested that we wean him off the woohoo’s, so… he’ll no longer be King of the WooHoo’s… I’ll have to come up with an appropriate nickname, when that happens. She also said no sippy cups, but he is to have straw cups, as they will strengthen his jaws. Also, he needs to be at a 90 degree angle when seated, and have three opportunities a day (by the end of this month) to eat food. Some puree, some solid food. I’m quite glad he’s in speech therapy, because I’m beginning to worry that he has a bit of a delay speech wise. He can say momma, ahda (dada), hi and uhoh. Hi tho, seems to be a random fluke, and he has never actually called me momma, tho, he does often call his daddy ahda. :/ There are other small things, like he doesn’t seem to understand that I’m talking to him when I say his name, and obviously doesn’t follow any directions. I dunno, maybe I over worry. Heh, thats like saying MAYBE a bear poops in the woods.

The hubby called me today to ask about Princess Snarf Poppers 504 plan today. I’m not sure how a 504 plan is supposed to work, but apparently his friend (whose children have 504 plans) said that the superintendent is supposed to mail you a copy of the plan??? We never got one, and Princess Snarf Popper has told me that they aren’t doing all the things that were in the plan. My husband wants to go in the school, guns blazing, but… I just want to say screw it all. I dunno.

Well, Princess Snarf Popper and the hubby are home from shoe shopping. Off to make dinner – wild mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum, yum. 

What Would You Do?

Last night we went grocery shopping – which I love. Seriously. It’s my favorite part of the week. Planning out the weeks worth of meals, and then putting together the grocery list and then doing the actual shopping. Anyway, not the point.

I was in the produce section with Princess Snarf Popper and ran into my husband (he tends to take King of the WooHoo’s and do his own thing, just meandering around the groceries.) and his mother, who were talking. While they were talking I noticed he had some lottery tickets. My husband is NOT the kind of guy to just throw $20 out of a moving car, so I asked him about it later. He answered “It’s half a billion dollars. How can I NOT play?” Touche. Unfortunately that has got me dreaming about what we would do with HALF A BILLION dollars!

We’d buy a house. At least 4 bedrooms. One for me and the kiddos, one for the husband (don’t judge – he gets up at 3 am, so he wants a good night of sleep and also doesn’t want to keep us awake with his early morning stuff!) one for Princess Snarf Popper to eventually sleep in and one for a playroom. A HUGE, kitchen, with a walk-in pantry. A little shop for the husband. A little craft room for me. A barn. (For animals, duuuuuh.) Plenty of land. We’d make a kick ass play area for the kids! We’d buy a car with plenty of leg room, that doesn’t have a slipping transmission. Hell, we’d buy two… or three cars! We would pay off all bills, try to get custody of the Red Headed Wonder Child. And really… I can’t think of any more that we would do. I wonder if that would use up all of the half a billion. What would you do?

OH! Wait! I would ALSO go get King of the WooHoo’s surgery done in New York. And I’d start a charity. Tho, I don’t exactly know what for. But I would think of something. 

Intro Time!

Well, hello there! 
Reason for this blog? I called my husband a couple hours ago at work. I said “Honey. I’ve made a decision.” His first question was “How much will it cost me?” (Really, honey? I’m kind of hurt.) My reply: “I think we should find a spot of land that nobody owns and go build a tree house on it! Waaaaay out in the woods. Lets do it. We need to. We have to do something different!”

There was a pause.

Then, “Um…. are you regressing?”

So, I apologized and just mentioned that I had thought it was a good idea.

He replied, “It is a good idea! I love it, but there aren’t any spots of land that nobody owns. (Manda speaking here – Is that really true? If so, I think that’s horrible.) I think you need to go get a notebook and write all these ideas of yours down.”

So, because I don’t feel like BUYING a notebook (which would totally be a waste of tree!) I decided to start a blog. Heaven knows people probably get super sick of reading my crazy thoughts and rants on facebook, so… I’ll just write them all here.

Here are my crazy thoughts, and ideas for today.
1. A treehouse, out in the middle of the woods. Cheap, quiet, beautiful, and most of all FREAKING FUN!!!
2. Unschooling. Just trying to figure out the best way to make it work for Princess Snarf Popper.
3. Little King of the WooHoo’s upcoming surgery. I know that without it, he will probably continue to have an extremely hard time growing, but what if the surgeon messes up?!?!?!?! What if they give him too much anesthesia?!?!?!! Seriously. This shit keeps me up at night.
4. Diet. Not like an “Ooooh, I’m soooo fat” diet – tho… I am soooo fat. But more… veggies, fruits, etc, and more natural vit. D. Can only be good.
5. Play Dough! In 7 minutes and 37 seconds I will be shutting off this computer and making some play dough with the kiddos.
6. Cleaning. Mainly, we need to get rid of stuff. SERIOUSLY. Too much STUFF up in here.

So, there ya go.
Later taters.